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New Product Releases from Senva!

    New VT0R Value Series - VOC Sensor
 October 13, 2020

VT0R Value Series VOC/Temp Sensor

Senses thousands of airborne contaminants including breath-borne VOC's!  Keep building owners and occupants breathing easy knowing their buildings are safer from airborne transmissions.

   New HT0R Value Series - Humidity/Temp Sensor
September 2, 2020

HT0R Value Series Humidity/Temp Sensor

Order with any analog output and choose any thermistor for temp.

Featuring our new slim, rugged enclosure, 45 degree terminals for quick wiring, and a gasket for improved accuracy.

   New 10A and 20A Relays
August 13, 2020

Pilot Relays with Current Status and HOA Options

UL Listed and California State Fire Marshal Approved!

Featuring tamper resistant HOA cover, wrap around LED, and high capacity in the most compact, rugged housing.

   New Gases available on TG Series
July 1, 2020

TG UL for Refrigerants and Combustible Gases

Now available with Methane, Propane, Oxygen and Hydrogen elements.  Choose any single or dual gas combination or pair it with CO or NO2 for any combustible application.

For refrigerant detection, buy Pre-calibrated for R134A, R410A, or R22A or field-calibrate to any refrigerant including R407C, R404A, R123, and more. 

   New Dual Channel CO2 Sensors
May 15, 2020

Dual Channel CO2 Sensors

Stay calibrated without auto-calibration in continuously occupied spaces and greenhouses.  Available on AQO and CO2RL products.

   New UL Listing on TG Series
March 1, 2020

 UL Listed Toxic Gas monitor

Senva's industry leading CO/NO2 sensor now comes with a UL Listing. 

The TG comes standard with dual relays, 3-color LED indication, LCD, sensor self-test, factory calibrated sensing elements, and options for any installation. 

Learn more

Dual Channel CO2 for continuously occupied areas

Examine how auto-calibration works on most CO2 sensors and why a Dual-Channel CO2 element is the perfect slution for contoinuously occupied spaces and greenhouses.

How CO and NO2 gas moves

Read up on some studies of gas movement and how they apply to CO/NO2 detection.

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