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Autoset Series

Self-calibrating Current Switch
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Self-calibrating for proof of flow
Works flawlessly on VFDs and constant volume applcations
0.5-135A range
N.O. 30VAC/DC output
Optional command relay

  • Self-calibration for proof of flow on both VFD and contstant volume (CV) fans and pump applications
  • Works without costly 'training' of sensor - our sensors are just plain smarter!
  • No need to open hot starter enclosures - save on labor as well as improve safety
  • Only sensor line capable of functioning on VFDs to 0.5A
  • Sensor is always properly adjusted—no call backs
  • Push-button and LED for fast learn and go/no modes
  • Optoinal command rely for stop/start/status in unitary device—saves component and installation space/cost
  • Solid-state-more reliable than mechanical pressure switches for proof of flow
  • Quality backed by 7 year limited warranty


The AutoSetâ„¢ VFD self-calibrates to detect proof of flow on both variable frequency driven and constant volume motors on fans or pumps.  The C-2350VFD automatically set the proper threshold, eliminating false alarms associated with varying frequencies.  Detects motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps while reducing installation time. New super low 0.5A turn-on--totally self powered!


  • Detecting belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on variable frequency drives and constant volume fans and pumps.
Product Price Quantity
C-2350VFD Current Switch, AutoSet, VFDSplit-core, 0.5-135A range
$155.82 /


CR3-12 Command Relay, N.O., 12 VDCcoil
$26.20 /


CR3-24 Command Relay, N.O., 24 VAC/DCcoil
$26.20 /


CR4-12 Command Relay, N.C., 12 VDCcoil
$26.20 /


CR4-24 Command Relay, N.C., 24 VDCcoil
$26.20 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.