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TG Series

Combustible Gas Sensor/Controller
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Individual sensors or as any dual combination of CO/NO2/Propane/Methane/H2S sensors in a shared enclosure.
Detect Methane/Propane leaks and monitor for elevated CO levels, all in one unit.
Analog and BACnet/Modbus protocol options
Rugged ABS or Metal enclosure options
Operates as stand-alone sensor or local controller
  • Integrated display, LED indicators, audible alarm
  • Menu selectable 0-5/10V, 1-5V and 4-20mA outputs (0-10V default)
  • BACnet supports BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU networks with auto-configuration for network baud rate, serial format, protocol type and self-addressing
  • Dual outputs support daisy chain wiring to cost-effectively sense and control large areas
  • UL2034 recognized electrochemical CO sensing element
  • Warning indicators alert occupants when element’s lifecycle is near end for replacement
  • Installer-friendly circuit board makes through-the-back wiring simple
  • Test mode speeds up field commissioning for verifying warning indicators and relay functions
  • Push buttons and LCD to navigate setting parameters
  • UL Listed (UL61010-1) 
  • 7-year limited warranty on electronics; 2-year on elements


Senva TG Series sensors can be ordered as individual CH4 sensor, C3H8 sensor, H2 sensor, O2 sensor, H2S sensor, or specify two sensing elements in one enclosure including CO and NO2. The analog output model features 2 outputs that support daisy chain wiring - multiple sensors may be used in a parallel sequence (0-10V) for cost effective coverage of large areas. The unit can also act as a stand alone controller, utilizing the relay for exhaust fan operation or the output for direct control of a VFD. The BACnet/Modbus model supports BACnet MS/TP & Modbus network communication in one unit. Standard features include network auto-configuration, a programmable fan relay, LED indicators, integrated display and audible alarm.


  • Boiler rooms 
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Battery Rooms
  • Compressed Gas storage
  • Residential and commercial heating and water heating
  • Vehicle bays and garages for natural gas (LNG) or petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles
  • Waste facilities 
Product Price Quantity
TGW-BMX-A TGUL, WALL, RS485, Methane(CH4)
$1,001.70 /


$1,001.70 /


TGW-BPX-A TGUL, WALL, RS485, Propane(C3H8)
$1,001.70 /


TGW-BSX-A TGUL, WALL, RS485, H2SHydrogen Sulfide
$1,502.55 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.