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P5 Series

P5 Universal Dry Pressure
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

P5 Universal Dry Pressure

Innovative probe. Transforms for duct or remote application. Manual/remote zero. Selectable outputs. Uni/bi directional. Four sub-ranges. High capacity DIN mount saves valuable panel space Conduit Ready Gasketed probe with integrated dampening tip for stable readings Made in the USA and backed by a seven year limited warranty

1", 5”, 5" plus, 10”, and 25” W.C. versions with four selectable sub-ranges
1250, 2500, 6250 Pa versions with four selectable sub-ranges
Optional LCD display; LED indicator standard
Dual 0-5/10VDC, 4-20mA (loop and 3-wire)
  • Duct, filter, and remote probe applications all in one
  • Universal output reduces inventory and call-backs
  • Selectable sub-ranges reduces inventory and call-backs
  • Zero calibration push button and remote contact input
  • Non-position sensitive for easy placement
  • Dual DIN mount: Side mount density conserves valuable panel space, flat panel mount for LCD viewable panel mount.
  • Conduit ready for for 3/8” flex extra parts required
  • LED: Power heartbeat,  auto-zero complete, 110% over pressure; facilitates locating sensor in ductwork


The P5 universal dry media pressure transmitter accurately measures multiple ranges optimized for building (zone) pressure, filter measurement, and static duct applications.  Selectable outputs and uni/bi directional readings reduce inventory.  Innovative probe integrates with unit or can be mounted remotely for static pressure.  Optional LCD for panel mount readings and set up. PATENT PENDING.


  • Building (zone) pressure
  • Filter condition measurement
  • Duct/static
Product Price Quantity
P5-2500PA-1XX Dry Diff Press 2500Pa Universa No Display, No Probe
$238.50 /


P5-6250PA-1LP Dry Diff Press 6250Pa Universa w/ LCD, Duct Probe
$314.82 /


P5-6250PA-1LX Dry Diff Press 6250Pa Universa w/ LCD, No Probe
$292.56 /


P5-6250PA-1XP Dry Diff Press 6250Pa Universa No Display, w/ Duct Probe
$262.35 /


P5-6250PA-1XX Dry Diff Press 6250Pa Universa No Display, No Probe
$238.50 /


$54.00 /


RP-6-TUBING 6 in. Tubing, 3/32 ID x 1/16 TUBE, SILICONE, 3/32 ID X 1/16
$6.00 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.