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Gas Calibration


Calibration and commissioning of gas sensors


The CALKITW-A is a kit with all the hardware needed for quick and accurate calibration or commissioning verification. The case holds up to two gas cylinders (order seperately), quality stainless CO/NO2 Regulator, Stainless Steel, 1.0LPM, Inlet CGA: C-10/SS, Inlet Gauge: 0-1200, 3/16 Hose Barb, Tygon tubing (2@3'), inlet gauge, and gas shrouds for nemoto and spec style elements assocatied with Senva C0/NO2.
Product     Price   Quantity
CALKITHW-A Calibration Kit Hardware, Reg,Tubing, 2-Bottle Carrier, Shrd   $ 1,800.00
CALGAS-FNO2 29L 10PPM NO2, C-10 Valve,500PSI, Balance Nitrogen   $ 900.00
CALGAS-JCO 103L 100PPM CO, C-10 Valve,1000PSI, Balance Air   $ 600.00
CALGAS-JCO2 103L 100PPM CO2, C-10 Valve,1000PSI, Balance Nitrogen   $ 600.00
CALGAS-UNO2 116L 10PPM NO2, C-10 Valve,1000PSI, Balance Nitrogen   $ 1,500.00
CALGAS-ZNO2 58L 10PPM NO2, C-10 Valve,500PSI, Balance Nitrogen   $ 1,275.00


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Datasheet Gas Calibration Data Sheet