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Current Switch - PreSet

  • Scaled calibration for proof of flow set-point
  • Split and solid core models to 150A
  • N.O. 30VAC/DC or 120VAC output
  • Optional command relay - 2320 series


  • Detecting belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps
  • Monitoring status of industrial processes
  • Monitoring status of critical motors


PreSet™ allows for matching sensor set-point to the motor nameplate, eliminating the need to calibrate in energized enclosures and reducing installation time. It will detect motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps.

Product     Price   Quantity
C-2320-L Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.,Split-core, 0.45-50A range   $ 94.50
C-2320 Current Switch, PreSet, N.O., Split-core, 0.45-100A range   $ 94.50
C-2320-H Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.,Split-core, 0.5-150A range   $ 94.50
C-2220 Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.,Mini Split-core, 1-50A range   $ 106.50
C-1220-L Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.,Mini solid-core .75-5A range   $ 63.00
C-1220 Current Switch, PreSet, N.O., Mini solid-core .75-50A range   $ 63.00
C-1320 Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.,Solid-core .75-50A range   $ 67.50
C-1220HV-L Current Switch, PreSet,120VACMini solid-core .75-5A range   $ 92.25
C-1220HV Current Switch, PreSet, N.O.Mini Solid-Core,.75-50A;120VAC   $ 95.70
C-2320HV-L Current Switch, PreSet, 120VACSplit-core, 0.45-50A range   $ 129.60
C-2320HV Current Switch, PreSet, N.O., Split-core, 0.45-100A; 120VAC   $ 129.60
CR3-12 Command Relay, N.O., 12 VDCcoil   $ 25.50
CR3-24 Command Relay, N.O., 24 VAC/DCcoil   $ 25.50
CR4-12 Command Relay, N.C., 12 VDCcoil   $ 25.50
CR4-24 Command Relay, N.C., 24 VDCcoil   $ 25.50


List prices shown; trade pricing appears on orderpad for Senva Trade Accounts.
For qualified trade pricing, please contact us at 866-660-8864.
Oregon has no sales tax.

Save time and money while eliminating calibration inside energized enclosures

  • Preset™ scaled calibration enables set-point adjustment for proof of flow by simply matching dial to motor full load amps (FLA) nameplate
  • Safer: Eliminates calibration in energized enclosures, reduces arc flash hazard
  • No need to return to calibrate—saves time and money
  • Super low turn-on

Maintenance-free—no call backs

  • Superior to differential pressure sensors
  • Industry leading 7 year warranty

Set-point operation
Detects Belt Loss/Coupling Shear!
Now you can easily detect when drive belts slip, break, or pump coupling shear. In fact, a typical HVAC motor that loses its load has a reduction of current draw of up to 50%. That’s why our sensors are the industry standard for status.

Split Core Min (on) Max A N.O. Output* Trip LED Power LED
C-2320-L 0.45A 50A 1.0A@30VAC/DC
C-2320 0.5A 100A 1.0A@30VAC/DC
C-2320-H 0.5A 150A 1.0A@30VAC/DC
C-2320HV  0.5A 100A 0.2A@120VAC
C-2320HV-L 0.45A 50A 0.2A@120VAC
Split Core - Mini Min (on) Max A N.O. Output* Trip LED Power LED
C-2220 1.0A  50 A 1.0A@30VAC/DC  
Solid Core Min (on) Max A N.O. Output* Trip LED Power LED
C-1320 0.75A 50 A 1.0A@30VAC/DC  
Solid Core - Mini Min (on) Max A N.O. Output* Trip LED Power LED
C-1220L 0.75A 5A 1.0A@30VAC/DC  
C-1220 0.75A 50 A 1.0A@30VAC/DC  
C-1220HV-L 0.75A 5A 1.0A@30VAC/DC  
C-1220HV 0.75A 50 A 0.2A@120VAC  
Command Relay Contact rating Coil
CR3-24 N.O. 10A@125VAC 24VAC/DC 15mA nom.
CR4-24 N.C. 10A@125VAC 24VAC/DC 15mA nom.
CR3-12 N.O. 10A@125VAC 9-12VDC 30mA nom.
CR4-12 N.C. 10A@125VAC 9-12VDC 30mA nom.
Standard Output Rating 1.0A@30VAC/DC
Line Voltage Output Rating 0.2A@120VAC (-HV ONLY)
Output Type NO, solid-state FET
Temperature Rating -15-60 ° C
Insulation Class 600V RMS. For use on insulated conductors only! Use minimum
75 ° C insulated conductor
Sensor Power Induced
Frequency Range 50/60Hz