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Pressure - Wet-Wet DP (Conduit Version)

  • Conduit adapter design
  • 0 to 10~500 PSID (switch selectable, ranges vary depending on elements/transmitter selected)
  • Built-in snubbers protect sensing elements from water hammer damage
  • LCD display toggles between Supply,Return and Differential pressure readings
  • Dual 0-5/10VDC and 4-20mA outputs


  • Ideal for monitoring pumps and load differential pressures in HVAC systems and processes where local indication is needed.
  • Process control systems
  • Flow measurement of various gases or liquids
  • Liquid level measurement of pressurized vessels


The PW Conduit Wet-Wet series remote sensors are installed directly into the pipe and electrical connection is made between the PWC remote sensors and PW transmitter via 4-conductor shielded cable run through conduit.  This dramatically reduces labor cost by eliminating plumbing/piping to a traditional transducer. Startup time is reduced since purging air out of the lines is not necessary. Traditional plumbed bypass assemblies are no longer required. Choose between the PW10 and PW20 model based on your anticipated PSID range.

Product     Price   Quantity
PW10 Wet transducer - LOW Conduit Connection   $ 389.00
PW20 Wet transducer Conduit Connection   $ 389.00
PWC050 Pressure Sensor, 50PSI, Conduit Cable Connection   $ 273.00
PWC100 Pressure Sensor, 100PSI, Conduit Cable Connection   $ 273.00
PWC250 Pressure Sensor, 250PSI, Conduit Cable Connection   $ 273.00
PWC500 Pressure Sensor, 500PSI, Conduit Cable Connection   $ 273.00


List prices shown; trade pricing appears on orderpad for Senva Trade Accounts.
For qualified trade pricing, please contact us at 866-660-8864.
Oregon has no sales tax.

Conduit ports on transmitter and elements

  • Run conduit and 4-conductor shielded cable from transmitter to elements to wire in the field
  • Eliminates costly plumbing and by-pass manifolds

Versatile Universal Transmitter 

  • Three selectable PSID ranges per sensing element
  • Low and standard PSID range transmitter models
  • 500 PSIG is ideal for high rise applications
  • User friendly LCD displays in PSID or kPa

Jumper selectable features for easy installation

  • Absolute mode outputs absolute value of difference
  • Port swap corrects plumbing errors
  • Fast/slow to select desired response time
  • Uni/bi directional
  • Test mode—forces full-scale output
  • Over range icon flashes if differential pressure is over-range, alerting technician to move range switch to next higher dp setting and rescale panel
  • Switch selectable outputs: 2-wire 4-20mA, 3-wire 0-5V or 0-10V

High Reliability

  • Built-in snubbers protect sensing elements from water hammer damage
  • MEMS sensor technology
Power Supply Voltage output mode 0-5V 12-30VDC/24VAC(1), 20mA max.
Voltage output mode 0-10V 15-30VDC/24VAC required for 10V full scale output
Current (4-20 mA) output mode 12-30VDC, 20mA max.
Output type Switch selectable 3-wire 0-5/10VDC and 2-wire 4-20mA
Pressure Ranges  Model PWC100 100 PSIG (Select 10/20/40 or 50/75/100 PSID based on PW Model)
Model PWC250 250 PSIG (Select 25/50/100 or 75/150/250 PSID based on PW Model)
Model PWC500 500 PSIG (Select 50/100/150 or 100/250/500 PSID based on PW Model)
Operating Temperature Transmitter 32 to 140°F (0-60°C)
Media compatibility  Type Water; other 17-4 SS compatible media
Temperature 32 to 250°F (0-125°C)
Zero Adjustment  Automatic Push-button, terminal block switch input, Push button for 5-seconds to re-zero. Hold for 10-seconds to restore factory settings
Transmitter Performance(2) PW10 Accuracy Range                            A                B/C
All PSIG Elements   +/-4% FS    +/-2% FS
PW20 Accuracy Range                            A                B/C
All PSIG Elements    +/-2% FS    +/-1% FS
Sensor Type   Micro-machined silicon strain gauge
Sensor (PWCxxx) Performance          Accuracy < ±0.5% BFSL
Zero Offset < ±2%
Span Tolerance < ±2%
Stability (1 Year) ±0.25%FS, typ
Overange Protection 2X Rated Pressure
Burst Pressure 5X or 20,000 psi (whichever is less)
Pressure Cycles > 100 Million
Compensated Range 0 to 55°C (30 to 130°F)
Temp. Comp. Zero <±1.5% of FS
Temp. Comp. Span <±1.5% of FS
Shock 100G, 11 msec, 1/2 sine
Vibration 10G peak, 20 to 2000 Hz.
EMI/RFI Protection Yes
Enclosure, PW20 Transmitter Construction Powdered coated steel
Sealing IP65 (when installed with water-tight fittings)
Enclosure, PWC (xxx) Sensor Construction Stainless Steel 17-4, 1/4” MNPT, 1/2" Conduit Fitting
Sealing IP65 (when installed with water tight fittings)

Enclosure, PWBV Service Valve Construction Chrome-plated brass, 1/4" NPT Female x Male


(1) One side of transformer secondary is connected to signal common. Dedicated transformer is recommended.

(2) FS is defined as the full scale of the selected range in bi-directional mode.