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At Senva, we’re a competitive group. We consistently strive for the best and see competition as a way to push ourselves even farther. From making superior products with every last bit of performance to delivering the highest quality at the best possible value with the fastest delivery; pushing ourselves to the be the best in in our industry is what makes us thrive.

It’s no surprise that this spirit of competition spills over into our free time as well. In fact, our President, Andre Perra, revels in racing up and down the west coast—and sometimes across the country—with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

Andre races in the most competitive amateur class of cars and drivers there is. This SCCA class, Spec Racer Ford (SRF), is the only class of racing where all the parts are specified or sealed to prevent any modifications, making it a true driver’s class. It’s also the most popular SCCA class because of the competition it provides and the controlled environment which keeps running costs low.

The open cockpit, closed-wheel SRF race cars with fiberglass bodies are reminiscent of the early 70’s CanAm cars (particularly the McLaren CanAm cars). The cars weigh just 1,560 lbs, including the driver. A modified Ford Fiesta four-cylinder engine with 135 hp, provides plenty of power. The chassis, with sturdy steel tube frame and extra crash and crumple zones, ensures driver safety. The Senva SRF that Andre drives was built in 2016 for Andre’s second season of racing.

Each season, Andre competes in the SCCA West Coast Major Tour, which brings the best drivers to the best tracks up and down the west coast. The season typically begins in January in California and ends in July at the annual Rose Cup Race in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Watch below for updates and videos of our races. And if we’re in your area, let us know, we would love to have you come cheer us on! Email us at: for more information.



Andre's Races 

SCCA 2022 June Sprints Saturday SRF Race


2022 Watkins Glen Super Tour Sunday SRF Race

Portland 2022 Super Tour SRF Weekend highlights


2022 VIR Super Tour Sunday SRF Race

Cal Club 2022 Willow Springs Major Sunday SRF Race


'22 Buttonwillow Super Tour Sunday SRF Race