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TG0R Series

Value Recessed CO Sensors
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

Cost-effective high accuracy CO readings
0-5/10V/2 and 3-wire 4-20mA CO transmitter Relay,
Thermistor outputs for temperature optional
Sleek & functional low-profile design
  • Cost-effective CO detection with control integration
  • 0-5V, 0-10V, 2-wire and 3-wire 4-20mA options, relay output for alarm indication
  • Audible buzzer alarm
  • End-of-life indication for sensor element
  • Buzzer test button for safety checks
  • UL2034 recognized electrochemical CO sensing element
  • 7 year life expectancy on CO elements
  • Quick and easy calibration mode 
  • Fits easily in standard single gang boxes
  • Thermistor outputs for temperature optional


Designed to maximize safety in work and school environments, the TG0R Value Series features a UL2034 recognized CO sensor . Audible buzzer, relay output and end-of-life indication. Choose the analog output that works best for each job.


  •  Detect CO in indoor environments, ideal for schools
  •  Alert occupants of elevated gas levels
  •  Ventillation control--turn off equiipment when CO is detected
  • Economizer control
Product Price Quantity
TG0R-CA Toxic Gas Room - CO 0-5V
$588.30 /


TG0R-CB Toxic Gas Room - CO 0-10V
$588.30 /


TG0R-CC Toxic Gas Room - CO 2W 4-20mA
$588.30 /


TG0R-CD Toxic Gas Room - CO 3W 4-20mA
$588.30 /


All prices shown are excluding tax unless otherwise specified.