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CVT Series

Current/Voltage Transducers
Higher Reliability, Faster Installation, Superior Accuracy | Sense the Difference

1% total system accuracy (meter & CVT)
For use with Pulse and Protocol Versions of the EM Series Meter
Flexible Split-core Rogowski CVTTM Sensors
Monitor loads from 30-6000A & 90-600V
  • Digitally calibrated CVTsTM are extremely accurate
  • The accuracy is as high as a calibrated system, yet different CVTsTM can be changed from meter to meter while maintaining accuracy.  A big advantage for auditing, since meter is not size specific.
  • Plug and play installation— individual CVTsTM  are digitally recognized by the meter and outputs are automatically scaled—no user set up is required.
  • Digital communication offers superior noise immunity compared to traditional induced low-signal Rogowskis
  • All the high voltage connections are at the CVTTM
  • Rogowski CVTsTM are available in 4 sizes from 9” to 36” in circumference and include several rating options from 300A to 6000A and are universally rated for 90-600V
  • No fusing required for CVT wire runs under 10'


The Current/Voltage Transducer (CVT) measures both voltage and current, communicating the data digitally to the meter via plug-in low voltage connections. This allows the meter to remain a low-voltage device. Each CVT uses digital communication with the meter for superior noise immunity. The CVTs are individually calibrated and measurement accuracy is independent of the transducer. To complement the CVT, our metering platform offers two meter options (EM-PULSE & EM-RS485) which are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to self-configure during installation, removing all manual configuration. Virtually a plug and play BACnet meter!


  • Energy Management and performance contracting
  • Monitoring for commercial tenants
  • Activity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Load shedding
  • Audits/temporary monitoring
  • Distributed generation
Product Price Quantity
$126.88 /


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