TR Temperature Recessed

Key Points

  • Wide range of thermistor options
  • Set-point & override options
  • Low-profile design
  • Black theater version


  • Room temperature measurement for building automation control
  • Low profile tamper resistant design

Product improvement is a continuing process at Senva. The following products have been discontinued.

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TR-C Room Temperature, 100Pt RTD
TR-D Room Temperature, 1000Pt RTD
TR-E Room Temperature, 10KT2
TR-E1BC Room Temperature, 10KT2, 10K Slider, Push Button OR
TR-F Room Temperature, 10KT3
TR-F010 Room Temp, 10k3,override
TR-F1AC Room Temperature, 10KT3, 10K Slider
TR-G Room Temperature,10K w/11K shunt
TR-H Room Temperature, 3K
TR-I Room Temperature, 2K2