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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Senva's new CO2 lneup features a self-calibrating NDIR sensor for high accuracy. Choose from the industry's first attractive flush mount slimline sensors, combination AQW wall or CHTDL duct sensor, standalone duct mount options, or the outdoor rated CO2O Series.

All of Senva's CO2 sensors feature an industry leading 7-year limited warranty on electronics and 3-year warranty of the field replaceable sensing element!

Product groups
AQW Series Combo Wall Sensors CHTDL Series (CO2/RH/Temp) Duct Sensors
CHTOL Series (CO2/RH/Temp) Outdoor Sensor CO2 Slimline Wall
CO2 Value Slimline Wall CO2 Duct
CO2 Value Duct CO2 Outside Air


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