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Technical Resources
  Buy America Act Certification
ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Don’t Get Burned by Arc flash –NEMA whitepaper (pdf)
NEC Motor FLA data (pdf)
Motor Amperage Calculator
Compare Senva Current Sensors (pdf)
Current Sensor Selection Guide (pdf)
Current Sensor Selection Tool
Siemens A7F Part Number List

Application Whitepapers
  Arc Flash and Current Sensor Safety
Basics of Arc Flash
Monitoring Fractional Horsepower Motors
Monitoring Wet-Wet Differential Pressure
Monitoring Status on ECMs
Monitoring Status on Fanwalls
Proof of Flow with Current Sensors
Monitoring Status on VFDs with Current Sensors
Proof of Flow on VFDs with Current Sensors
PreSet Time Savings
Selecting the Best CO2 Wall Mount Sensor
Who's at Risk from Arc Flash
Where Arc Flashes Occur
Regulations Pertaining to Arc Flash

Terms & Conditions
  Terms & Conditions

Press Releases
  EM Series Press Release
TG Series Press Release


480V Arc Flash Demonstration
Arc Flash Accident
The Senva PreSet Current Sensor Challenge